Starting Game Dev with Unity 3D

Back in the day when I first started programming the concept of games engines free and available to the public either did not exist or were very niche and living in Australia, they might as well be non-existent. I remember around 2000 trying to write my own engine in C++. Fast forward to today and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a game engine.

One of the game engines that I use almost on a daily basis in my professional life is Unity 3D. this is a great engine with a free tier for indie and students and paid tiers as you become more successful.

Installing Unity is dead easy to download just go to and download Unity Hub.

once Unity hub is installed you’ll need to install a version of the Editor on your computer. I recommend when you are starting out the get the recommended release (as of writing that is 2020.3.0f1)

Next, you’ll be asked to select the modules to install with the editor. While I could write another article on the various modules if don’t install a module that you later realize you need you can always install that module later. If this is your first time installing unity I strongly recommend installing Microsoft Visual Studio community with the editor.

As a Virtual and Augmented Reality developer, I also have both android and iOS selected.

Once Unity Hub downloads and install all the packages you are ready to begin your First project.

NB Come back tomorrow as I go through the setup of your first project.