Layouts in the Unity Editor

Customisability is a great thing in life. One of my hobbies is tablet top wargaming and I love being able to customize my models, put them in dramatic poses and pain them in my own colour schemes. Likewise, as a creative (and yes I classify game devs as creatives), we like to have our workflows designed the way we want to maximise our productivity.

That is where the Unity Editor’s flexible layout comes in handy. Like photoshop I can set Unity up in ways that I find productive for me. Now what I’m going to go over is subjective and what works for me may not be for you, but that’s ok as you can set up Unity for what works best for you.

The first thing I’m going to go over is the Layout dropdown (Does any call these combo boxes still). This dropdown has several pre-styled layouts that come with Unity (if this is your first time using Unity you should already be in the Default Layout).

Selecting different Layouts

Here you can select different layouts and even save layouts for the future. The other handy option is every window in the Unity Editor has a Tab that you can click on and move around and dock to different areas of the editor.

Selecting the Game window tab.
Moving the Game windows
Docking the Game window

Once you have the layout where it feels comfortable for you go to the layout dropdown and save the layout and name it so you know which is your favorite workout.

I am a technical Game Designer from Melbourne, Victoria, with Skills in Level design, C#, C++ and Unity.