Fake code with Pseudo code

Pseudo code, what is it? Pseudo code is no mysterious thing that are part of a programmer toolbox. In fact Pseudo means not genuine or fake, but in programming pseudo code is fake code (or more accurately human readable code).

So why is this important to learn as a developer? There are in my experience as a developer two main reason to use pseudo code.

  1. Help set the logic of your code out before writing it.
  2. Explain more complex aspects of your code to non programmers Like project leads and producers.

In the first instance this helps reduce time writing your code as you have your steps written down and you spend less time experimenting trying to get the same results.

And the second instance it maybe easier to hand the non programming members (particularly in the leadership team) on paper what your algorithm does rather then losing them in explanations (particularly notable zoom). I’m including a actual example that I’ve used in my work to show you what I do for pseudo code.

I am a technical Game Designer from Melbourne, Victoria, with Skills in Level design, C#, C++ and Unity.